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Naughtynorm from Swindon,United Kingdom
Naughtynorm from Swindon,United Kingdom
Naughtynorm from Swindon,United Kingdom
Naughtynorm from Swindon,United Kingdom
Naughtynorm from Swindon,United Kingdom
Nickname: Naughtynorm
Country:United Kingdom
Eye color:Brown
Height:195 cm / 6' 5"
Weight:95 Kg / 14 stone 13
Shaven:if necessary


Not sure If the profiles are real on this site and the ladies are actually here to meet to have some adult fun or just chat, Please only send a message if you want to actually meet, I am a genuine guy who has had bad luck with the ladies with relationships so just looking to have some fun now, but I want to meet straight away as its been over 8 years since being with a lady and having any sexual activity, I'm not that experienced either, I'm a respectful guy, I'm unable to drive and I have a disability, I hope if the ladies are real that they would not mind travelling, I don't count myself as big when it comes to my cock, I love using vibrators on women and watching them play with themselves as it makes me feel hot, I have a toy that I place on my cock that vibrates so when it enters the ladies hot wet pussy it will turn them on, not tried it yet so looking for the first lady to come and play, your be in safe hands with me, I'm a gentle guy that does respect the ladies I cant stand men that treat and disrespect women, it makes me mad, if you are real and aren't here just to keep chatting and want to meet straight away, show me you are for real and just talkers, then get in touch, are you all mouth and no trousers or do you want to use your mouth for another reason and lose your trousers, not interested in just talkers saying oh let's get to know each other, and using lots of credits, if it's just sex your looking for then what's the point of getting to know someone on here first, pointless, you can get to know someone either before or after sex. My name is Norman Paul, my fav number 4 at sky dot com. Hope to hear from you ladies soon. I will know if you have read my profile all the way through as the ladies if any that message me will only be the ones that wanna meet 100%. No fakes, no scammers, no liars, no catfisers. Looks aren't important as it doesn't show you who the person is on the inside. Never judge someone. UK ladies only please. I'm unable to drive sorry ladies.

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