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Nickname: Louiecorr63M
Country:United Kingdom
Hair color:Dark
Eye color:Green
Height:153 cm / 5'
Weight:64 Kg / 10 stone 1


Hi my name Louie Corrigan I'm 63yo not hot looking single male, my grandmother brought me up after both my parents died in a head-on collision with a lorry when I was 9yo she taught me to respect women ever since I was a young boy of 13yo women who have gray or going grey, once firm toned body, her breasts are sagging, as is her body & natural below turn me on even when fully clothed, younger or same age as myself she could be naked do nothing for me, in secondary school I got in trouble to get detention after the 3rd time headmistress who was plump 59yo ask me why I get into troubles end up in detention, I new her old husband ran off with a school girl a year before, told her MRS Healey it only when she take detention I get into trouble, because I fancy her, with that she said don't be daft go on go home on way out see you soon in detention, told her 3 more time before she lock the class room door, we went into store room she was 59yo I was 14yo 10year If count after left school kiss her lips her plump old body all over if you are not 59yo upto 85yo I won't reply


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